Nit picking  on a movie trailer which looks too good I had to watch it multiple times to notice something wrong with a small scene in Trailer.

So scene is Kumari Kusum Sangwaan Jumps on Manu.

Stunt double jumps on R. Madhavn

Stunt double jumps on R. Madhavn

Kangna put her arms on R. Madhavan's Both Shoulders

Kangna put her arms on R. Madhavan’s Both Shoulders

Screenshot 2015-04-17 23.24.11

Stunt Double jumps on Right side of R. Madhavn and her bot arms are on right of R. Madhavan

Stunt Double jumps on Right side of R. Madhavn and her bot arms are on right of R. Madhavan

R. Madhav ans Stunt double falls on Right of R. Madhavan

R. Madhav and Stunt double falls on Right of R. Madhavan

Kangana falls on left of R. Madhvan

Kangana falls on left of R. Madhvan

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Long time readers of my blog would remember that at a time that the Bangali bhodrolok were cheerleading Didi’s agenda of poriborton, I had sounded what had then seemed to be a discordant note. My contention had been that there would be a poriborton under Mamata Banerjee, but for the worse, a roll-back to the dark old days of the 70s and the 80s, because while she remained pathogenically opposed to the CPM as a party, she fully endorsed the CPM’s strategy of agitation and governance.

A few years down the line, I am proud of my Paul  the Octopussness. The hold of Trinamool Congress over Bengal is absolute in the way Jyoti Basu’s CPM’s once was (Buddha’ s CPM tried to be different, albeit imperfectly, and that’s what led to its downfall). Like the CPM party, the TMC has been absorbed into every organ of the administration, the “government”…

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When request come from client to the server a lot of operation is performed before sending response to the client. This is all about how IIS Process the request.  Here I am not going to describe the Page Life Cycle and there events, this article is all about the operation of IIS Level.  Before we start with the actual details, let’s start from the beginning so that each and everyone understand it’s details easily.  Please provide your valuable feedback and suggestion to improve this article.

What is Web Server ?

When we run our ASP.NET Web Application from visual studio IDE, VS Integrated ASP.NET Engine is responsible to execute all kind of requests and responses.  The process name is “WebDev.WebServer.Exe” which actually takw care of all request and response of an web application which is running from Visual Studio IDE.

Now, the name “Web Server” comes into picture…

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Update as on June 3, 2014 – IST 8.00 pm – Thanks everyone for reading and sharing this post. I received a call from a BA representative, Rick on my complaint and he acknowledged receipt of my email to their CEO, Mr. Williams. He apologized for the inconvenience we experienced with BA. He accepted that since we missed a registered connection we are entitled to duty of care and compensation under the EU regulations. He accepted that the behavior meted out to us was unacceptable and also explained our rights in case we miss such connections (for future reference). They shall also work on improving their customer care to avoid such future incidents. I have requested them for a written apology and shall share it on the blog once I get it. Additionally, Rick’s feedback and some of the comments on my post have been very constructive in spreading awareness on our rights and possible next steps, should…

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In 1971, Pakistan suffered its worst military defeat to India. The war led to the creation of an independent Bangladesh — what had been East Pakistan, separated from the western wing by a thousand miles of Indian territory, and home to half the country’s population. In what remained of Pakistan, the humiliation prompted furious questions about the cruelties inflicted on the local Bengali-speaking population, the intelligence failures and the abuses of power that had plunged the young country to its lowest point.

To answer these questions, a high-powered commission was established. It was led by the Chief Justice of the time, Hamoodur Rahman, a distinguished Bengali jurist. He and his colleagues produced a searing report that recommended, among other things, trials for “those who indulged in these atrocities” and visited “acts of wanton cruelty” on the local population. But the report was suppressed. It only emerged in portions decades later…

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The goals we set for our life influences us more than whether we have achieved them or not.

When we don’t achieve our goals then we might start to blame ourselves (or sometimes others) for the goals we ourselves set.
“The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it.”
– Michelangelo Buonarroti, Renaissance artist
Now even if we achieve them we might not even find the Goal which we set for ourselves fulfilling and even if we find them fulfilling in someway then we still need to move to another Goal, because them we might feel the urge to set new Goals.
So what now should we don’t have goals???
Well in my opinion we need to have “a Direction” and some incentive to keep moving in that direction but still be able to change the direction whenever we want to.
this does not mean that now incentives should be the new Goals.
Incentives are less difficult to achieve than Goals while we incentives would be always be set by ourselves.
But still we need to realize that there is no Ultimate Goal or Ultimate Incentive. And Ends don’t justify the Means so the means are at-least as important than ends.
Life is like HTTP request-response protocol. Its stateless. Each request-response is compelete in it self. Its stateless does not need to know previous or next request-response. It provide you meaning in its indiviuality and also when connected with other request-response.