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So Sherlock Season 4 premiered in India on AXN (January, 7 2017).
They have an east Indian looking Character whose name at first I thought was A.J. but subtitles said his name was Ajay. After reading subtitles I felt actors in the show should have tried a bit to pronounce it a little better.
Another Indian connection which I seen in the show was AGRA which was code name and was not related to Agra the city in U.P., India. When Sherlock asks Mycroft about AGRA he starts telling him the information about city Agra thats its on the banks of Yamuna river and Agra’s distance from Lucknow and then Sherlock stops him. What I felt peculiarly strange was Mycroft didn’t mention Taj Mahal before informing about Agra’s distance from Lucknow because I felt we all (people watching the show) were thinking about Taj Mahal.
Charlie’s death
In the episode Sherlock solves a minor mystery of death of Charlie. Charlie was found dead in his parked car which was supposed to be empty after a drunk driver crashes his car on the parked car. And later medical examiners found out that Charlie was dead for a week. While discussing the case Sherlock specially asked about the Vinyl car seats. When the mystery is uncovered Sherlock tells us Charlie (or his dead body) was in the car whole time but was hidden to other by costume of the car seat which he uses to pull a prank on his father.
After watching that part of Sherlock I found it similar to what I have seen on another TV show and the name of the show is CID its an Indian Show in Hindi about a FBI kind to detective agency solving cases.
In 968th episode “Raaz Heroine ki Maut ka” during shooting of a movie Car Stunt scene the actress dies in the car crash but later it is revealed that the dead body found on the collision site was not of the actress and during the shooting she was siiting on a fake car seat under which a dead body was stored and just before the crash actress jumps out of the car.



And I am excited about “Sherrinford Holmes”.



Indian TV Soap Operas are repetitive with similar themes where women are usually involved in kitchen politics.
Indian society do have women like them but India do need more progressive TV Soap Operas.
Case of false advertisement –
In the TV commercial for Naamkarann little girl asks grown Women before marriage girl carries her fathers name after marriage she carries her husbands name but what happens to her name?
So, Commercial tells us that story is going to be of independent woman or women who need no man’s support to live a full-filling life.
But when Soap actually starts it is Mahesh Bhatt’s movie Zakhm’s first act movie was released in 1998. In that movie Pooja Bhatt played the role of muslim woman who fallen in love with a Hindu Man(Nagarajun, film director) who can’t marry her because of his mother (religious reasons)  so Pooja Bhatt lives only with her son who always trying to have his father live with them and Master Kunal Khemu (child actor)  played here elder son. Ajay Devgan played older Kunal Khemu and won National Award for this role.
In TV Soap Opera “Naamkarann” Barkha Bisht Sengupta plays the role of muslim woman who had a daughter with Hindu Man (Viraf Patel, film director) out of wedlock which he didn’t knew about till later and his mother doesn’t want him to marry Barkha’s character. So, now their daughter (Arsheen Namdaar, child actor) is trying to get them married and live together.
It seems both Barkha Bisht Sengupta (muslim woman) and Arsheen Namdaar (daughter) are trying to have Viraf Patel in thier life but his mother played by Reema Lagoo don’t want to lose her son to Barkha and Arsheen.
What TV Soap advertised about was independent Woman/women but it is actually about getting man back in her life because of society pressure her daughter to get father’s name. Why can’t Indian TV Soap be more progressive even many Indians are now opening up to the idea of single mother movie ‘Partner” did that?
I was able to find a news item dated 28 July 2016 which says Mahesh Bhatt is going to adapt his movie ‘Zakhm’ into a TV Series which will aired on Star Plus so
So TV soap opera advertisers knew reality of what they are marketing but chose not to advertise what it was instead advertisement had Random Message which will be popular with women.
This is happening again and again.
Just a thought –
In the movie Zakhm Sonali Bendre who is pregnant  is asking Ajay Devgan to leave Mumbai to go back to England to give birth to their Child in place where they have no communal riots. (Intolerance Rising)