After watching the movie Bahubali 2 : The conclusion everyone was talking about effects, the CGI , the sound mixing everything was top-notch. And the actors put so much hard work in this movie Phew!. Even they were two different movies as first had very simple straight forward script (compared to twists in South Indian Movies) everything was either right or wrong. But this movie (Bahubali 2) made all the characters memorable as they were not simple card-board cut outs. As many had already said that movie portrayed woman in the Bahubali world as independent , strong yet feminine which is praise-worthy.

But still not many discussed what was the real reason for the war in the movie. Its easy to point that it was Evil King Bhallaldev but in my humble opinion its was

The Babhubali Question – How to come out of shadow of your parents?


Tradition of worshipping your parents Versus standing up for yourself.

I will keep this discussion within the world of Bahubali and the actions of the characters in Bahubali.

Bahubali Senior was made Crown Prince by Queen Shivagamini Devi so we are assured about the future of both Mahishmati Empire and Bahubali . In this we forget what Ram Gopal Varma’s “Sarkar Raj” taught us “Power cannot be given it has to be taken”. So, even after declaration power to rule will stay with Queen Shivagamini Devi. Bahubali have to build his own power base, he simply doesn’t get the right to rule by the Queen but by his subjects. In the end of last movie and start of this movie he does build his own goodwill among his thought to be subjects. But by leaving the side of Shivagamini Devi to travel across few empires he makes his first step towards finding his own self. Shivagamini Devi in my view makes the right decision to let his grow on his own for sometime before he is made King of Mahishmati. Shivagamini Devi had let both Bahubali and BhallalDev to find themselves.

And BhallalDev never grows out of the shadow of his father’s ambition. He does wish to King himself but his own reason to be a King are not much discussed. He is just a Sadistic War Lord. BhallaDev was never a mamma’s boy like Bahubali and never had to challenge his mother to show he is his own man. Even when BhallaDev becomes King he does not add some new tax to peasants he plays it safe just to snatch power from Queen Shivagamini Devi. But when BhallalDev fires Bahubali Senior from being commander of the Army his mother Queen Shivagamini Devi does not question him to me it seems Queen Shivagamini Devi is letting her son BhallalDev to make his own choices yet keeping much of the power with herself.

Shivagamini Devi herself ran the Kingdom thus keeping herself and the kingdom unaware who BhallalDev was. Shivagamini Devi refuses to pass power to either Bahubali or BhallalDev ensuring her own downfall by failing to provide her kingdom a worthy successor.

Did Indian traditions made Bahubali Senior a weak character who chooses not to snatch power from his mother and his brother even after they put his pregnant wife in chains in the King’s court? A King’s Court does not represent the relatives he has in the Court but the governing council.

Burning the Demon every 26 years

In the movie woman from the royal family burns a demon every 26 years.

Does this signifies to burn old to build something new?

Bahubali Senior brings cart of “Lord Ganesha” signifying he is the beginning of a new era. And he burns the demon with fire provided be his mother Queen Shivagamini Devi (old generation).

Quoting Issac Newton – “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” (Latin : nanos gigantum humeris insidentes)

Now, it seems respecting the wise men and women of previous generations is not just Indian tradition but a global value.

Yet one can easily see that Bahubali Senior is able build his own power through wisdom of Queen Shivagamini.

Bahubali is in-debited to Queen Shivagamini and thus could not rise much above Kattapa who is a slave to Mahishmati Empire. Even though Kattapa is skilled warrior and a pillar of Mahishmati Kingdom still he cannot make decisions for the welfare of common people thus unfit to rule.

A ruler should be able to make his/her own decision for the welfare to his subjects without any fear or greed.

It was Bahubali Senior who has to face more challenging philosophical questions than Bahubali Junior. By choosing to live among common people instead of snatching  power from Queen-Mother Shivagamini Devi and King BhallalDev he actually frees himself from the debit of his mother Shivagamini Devi and makes his own name in Mahishmati Empire and still is not sure should he lead people against King BhallalDev as he is not yet committed atrocities.

By taking responsibilities of his wife Devsena he actually realizes his own potential and understands his own position. His own path of self discovery was too long.

Comparing Bahubali Senior and Bahubali Junior’s journey

Bahubali senior challenges his mother’s decision yet Bahubali junior fights for his mother. Bahubali junior himself climbs up the waterfall against his adoptive mother yet he fights for his biological mother whom he has met only for few hours.

When Bahubali Junior defies his adoptive mother he finds his destiny his path forward and his goals becomes clear but when Bahubali Senior defies his mother his path forward is not clear.

What does Bahubali Senior lacks and Bahubali Junior has? Its perspective. Bahubali Junior doesn’t feel in-debited to anyone thus can destroy whoever or whatever he feels needs to be destroyed to protect his subjects.

Is “Shiva”/Shiva Lingham in this movie a symbol of ability of destroying the old?

Bahubali Junior is seen praying to Shiva Lingham in many scenes. This was symbol he is destroyer of evil and being a common villager at the start of his life he does earns his place as he saves Devsena from prison and kills Bhadra, son of BhallalDev before being told he is the Saviour of the Empire by Kattapa. He has some kind of blessing of Lord Shiva is able to see the world like he does. Bahubali Junior might be less learned than Bahubali Senior in How to run an empire yet he has ability clearly see whats right and wrong, something which Devsena too had.

A Judge (criminal justice system) needs to find out whats happened and was it right or wrong and should be bogged down by political affects of his judgment.

This disregard of the affect of person’s own decision on how they would affect him or his family life or his political life and ability to focus on what is right and what is wrong helps the man/woman to come out of the shadow of his/her parents.


Bhallaldev’s actual rival was Devsena not Amrendra Bahubali.

So Sherlock Season 4 premiered in India on AXN (January, 7 2017).
They have an east Indian looking Character whose name at first I thought was A.J. but subtitles said his name was Ajay. After reading subtitles I felt actors in the show should have tried a bit to pronounce it a little better.
Another Indian connection which I seen in the show was AGRA which was code name and was not related to Agra the city in U.P., India. When Sherlock asks Mycroft about AGRA he starts telling him the information about city Agra thats its on the banks of Yamuna river and Agra’s distance from Lucknow and then Sherlock stops him. What I felt peculiarly strange was Mycroft didn’t mention Taj Mahal before informing about Agra’s distance from Lucknow because I felt we all (people watching the show) were thinking about Taj Mahal.
Charlie’s death
In the episode Sherlock solves a minor mystery of death of Charlie. Charlie was found dead in his parked car which was supposed to be empty after a drunk driver crashes his car on the parked car. And later medical examiners found out that Charlie was dead for a week. While discussing the case Sherlock specially asked about the Vinyl car seats. When the mystery is uncovered Sherlock tells us Charlie (or his dead body) was in the car whole time but was hidden to other by costume of the car seat which he uses to pull a prank on his father.
After watching that part of Sherlock I found it similar to what I have seen on another TV show and the name of the show is CID its an Indian Show in Hindi about a FBI kind to detective agency solving cases.
In 968th episode “Raaz Heroine ki Maut ka” during shooting of a movie Car Stunt scene the actress dies in the car crash but later it is revealed that the dead body found on the collision site was not of the actress and during the shooting she was siiting on a fake car seat under which a dead body was stored and just before the crash actress jumps out of the car.



And I am excited about “Sherrinford Holmes”.