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Dishoom movie was released in 2016 its long time to write a review on movie that old and which many would agree is not a great movie

Personally, I like Rohit Dhawan as Director. His movies have a sense of style and this movie Dishoom is about Style over substance. But as a writer he is less than ordinary when he writes it seems he is mostly imagining how it would look and how much emotions the scenes would  be able to invoke but don’t care about if the scene doesn’t make any sense. He is able director to direct comedy and create the sense of chase

The story is of Viraj Sharma a fine cricketer being kidnapped by a bookie so, 2 cops and 1 thief are trying to find him. This idea itself is very simple and is trying to tap the popularity of Virat Kohli. Something similar was tried by Raj Comics few years back when M.S. Dhoni was the new Cricketing sensation.


Super Commando Dhruv in this issue protects cricketer Dhaukni from a bookie.

I am not saying that Dishoom was influenced by Super Commando Dhruv but the idea of using cricket and kidnapping is just too much simple to be enhanced by the stylized Direction of Rohit Dhawan.

Movie also had some direction problems too. Rohit Dhawan fails in creating the sense of tension in his suspense. First reason is its Rohit Dhawan’s movie nothing bad will happen. And secondly  he never takes his audience out of comfort zone. Rohit Dhawan stretches the emotions of love and friendship but never tries to stretch the tension in his scene. The Villain in the movie Wagah is classic Bond Villain but is one dimensional guy who looks good but never have a interesting story.


Here is a link to video which explains Suspense in movie.

Elements of Suspense