Good and Bad Sholay Reference in Hindi Movies

Sholay movie was mile stone movie in  Modern India’s history which influenced many in India.  So its natural movie been referenced again and again in Indian movies. But many times movie or cultural references are used in movies just to stylize a character or conversation without even understanding or knowing the original source.

Last week I watching a scene from Movie Ungli (song – Dance Basanti) on TV Emraan Hashmi said to Kangana Ranaut that he is wondering why this Basanti is single? and Kangana replied (Shayad iss Basanti ko abhi bhi aapne taange waale ka intezaar hai) Maybe this Basanti is still waiting for her Horse-Cart driver to come in her life. But in Sholay it was Basanti who was Horse-cart owner and driver not Veeru. For me it’s very basic. Someone on the set of movie  should have told the director whats wrong with line. So, for me instead of adding some Sholay reference in the movie to make scene enjoyable they made scene annoying for me at-least.

This bad reference made me recollect the Good Sholay reference in the movie. And movie name is Jhankaar Beats

Jhankaar Beats 2003 Name of Gabbar Singh father

In  the movie Rishi (Rahul Bose) asks Deep (Sanjay Suri) name of Gabbar Singh’s father which at the time I didn’t know even after the movie gives me the answer I had to watch Sholay more attentively then before the check if the answer was right or not. this reference made me enjoy both Jhankaar Beats scene and brush up whatever I thought I knew about Sholay.

More Sholay references –

Sholay – Impact on Popular Culture




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