Baaghi: A Rebel For Love movie

Don’t watch this movie in cinema halls. Neither first half nor second half deserve your movie money. Wait for this movie to be shown on TV.

Before I tell you more about movie I should tell you all that I have neither seen Varsham nor The Raid : Redemption which might have influenced this movie but I have seen Tezaab, Ong-bak, Snake in Eagle’s  shadow , Karate Kid and few other martial arts movies which also have influence on this movie but this movie is not even 1/10th as enjoyable as any if these movies.

any resemblance is purely coincidental – A female celebrity is been abducted by a goon now only one person can save her who happens to be her estranged lover and the girl’s father is the reason of lovers misunderstanding. Now hero is been paid to save the girl. This is plot of old hindi movie Tezaab in which Anupam Kher and Madhuri Dixit plays the role of father and daughter. In Baaghi Sunil Grover- Shraddha Kapoor plays the role of father and daughter . Coincidentally, Age differenece between  Anupam Kher and Madhuri Dixit  is roughly same as age difference of Sunil Grover and Shraddha Kapoor that is 12 years.

Tiger Shroff is good martial artist but his acting performance was not any good, actually all actors in this movie (may be except Sunil Grover) were not able to make their character remotely enjoyable to watch in screen and the reason seems to be the director and pace of movie. If all the songs were removed from this movie then movie would have been more watchable. There are few twists in the movie which you all can see coming from a mile. Movie was unable to invoke the emotions of audience which movie makers might be expecting. There is not enough of masala in the movie lead actors  are show any flamboyance and villain unable to impress.

The name of this movie is Baaghi means rebel but our hero Roney ( Tiger Shroff) do all the things his martial arts teacher asks him too and in middle of his training was very easily convinced by his teacher to train hard. This leaves no scope for character development.It would have been more enjoyable to watch our Villain (Sudheer Babu)  start as a person who does all what his father/teacher asks him to with all purity in his heart and our Hero (Tiger Shroff) start as person who tries to fight any attempt to tame him (in this case train him) but later in the movie both characters have a change of heart. This would have been better.

Action in this movie is well choreographed but is unable to present the raw anger of these charaters which works against this movie again reason seems to be the director. But camera work for action scenes is good in this movie better than most of hindi moves there are less cuts during a fight which makes fight look more real but still director didn’t tried have clear frame to setup the fight scenes clearly. During fight scenes we all can see that Tiger Shroff can actually fight. But to make the fights more real Tiger will have to express through his face more than he did in this movie.


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  1. Nice one! Even I review movies. I’ll appreciate it if you check out my blog as well. 🙂

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