The Day We Won The Cup

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June 25. 1983.

Greatest day since independence. You bet.

India won the Prudential World Cup by beating the mighty West Indies.

For all you newbies, this Australia team has got nothing on the West Indies of 83. No other team in the modern era had a bowling attack like they did—sure other teams, at various times, had Waqar & Wasim, McGrath & Gillespie & Warne, Pollock & Donald.

But the West Indies firm of Roberts & Holding & Marshall & Garner was something else— four of the most accurate, fearsome gentlemen ever to have walked the cricket field. And all of them did it together on that day in mid summer, June 25 1983.

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What did Tenet movie Meant?

Movie – Tenet – My opinion

( –

Due to Global Warming rivers dried which forced humanity to reverse the flow of entropy.

Flow of entropy

 Entropy is the general trend of the universe toward death and disorder.— James R. Newman

“To even know it’s true nature is to lose.”

Only those who were in turnstile machines (a machine for inverting entropy) which Sator (movie’s Villian) helped build at the Free-ports at the time of thermodynamic Armageddon survived, the time after which entropy of the whole world will be reversed. These turnstile machines are bomb shelters to survive the reverse entropy. And those who survived their descendants made this device to reverse this entropy. But may be people in reverse entropy will age in reverse, they won’t have children in future but have these children in past. So, children of these survivors live in past or present.

“We live in a twilight world and there are no friends at dusk”

Dusk, when day becomes night means the thermodynamic Armageddon when Entropy of the world will be reversed. No friends at dusk, all loose ends had to be tied up before this thermodynamic Armageddon. At this time world will be populated by many fanatics who work towards future they believe is going to happen. May be, at the time of thermodynamic Armageddon an in-fighting is going to happen between these fanatics.

“This is Knowledge Divided”

The Physical form of the Algorithm from future is divided in 9 pieces which our protagonist retrieve at the end of the movie which will cause the inversion of entropy of the whole world. It was build in parts in the past but knowledge on how to use it is from the future.

“Ignorance is our ammunition”

When more inverted entropy material people will start showing in present people will ask questions like what is happening? And the purpose of TENET is to suppress these questions by giving all the wrong answers.

“When I die, the world dies with me”

Movie’s antagonist, Sator believed he was supposed to help building of the turnstile machines at Free-ports by working with Rotas company and not to have anything to do with the algorithm but later he choose to rebel by trying to hide this Algorithm. He is trying to make it impossible for future to exist something like reverse Grandfather Paradox (Grandfather killing himself so that Grandchild who gave gold to the Grandfather from future will be never born) but he fails. And he knows his wife is destined to meet some other man in future and work for this future Armageddon. My opinion is our Protagonist goes back in time to provide this information from future to Sator.

“Your knowledge dies with you”

Protagonist haven’t told the truth about true nature of his actions. His actions tells about his nature more than his words. He is helping building this future but works for no one. His knowledge is only for him alone.

“Like Feynman and Wheeler’s notion that a positron is an electron moving backwards in time?”

Day 1 – Scientists capture some Anti-Matter

Day 2 – Scientists converts Anti-Matter to Matter but this Matter moves backwards in time.

Day 1 – Converted Matter is moving back in time.

I am no Physicist 

So both Matter and Anti-Matter exists at Day 1 which are made up of same either electrons or positrons. And if they come in contact with each other they will be destroyed, but this never happened so it never happens.


My interpretation – Humans like oxen pulls the ploughing apparatus while God gives the direction to which field humans plough.

APERO is reverse of OPERA

At the start of the film protagonist tries to get Plutonium (actually a piece of Algorithm). And Apero brought fake painting of Goya to Sator’s wife for appraisal and gets romantically involved with her. Companionship between Apero and Sator’s wife makes Sator abusive towards his wife which leads to his wife willing to betray Sator. In my opinion our protagonist is the one sent Apero to Sator’s wife. Protagonist is the reason of unhappy marriage of Sator and his wife. Now, our protagonist is letting Sator to have the pieces of the Algorithm.

ROTAS is reverse of SATOR

Sator starts working with the future and then rebels against the future. ROTAS starts with trying to work against the future but later turn to work for this future. Rotas is the company built in past to work towards this future. Sator was able to get information from future beyond his time, so he knew the person who will take CIA issued Cyanide Pill (All CIA issued Cyanide pills are fake) changes/changed the course of history. He wants to consume this pill at the end of the movie at the same time our protagonist the one who consumes the cyanide pill. But no one knows the name of the person who took cyanide pill even in the future.

Sator wrongly believes that taking cyanide is the end of the journey and consider himself to be the GOD who changes/changed the course of the history. And this person who changes/changed the course of history have made physical relation with his wife, so he doesn’t want to his wife to be even able to leave him or let anyone other than him to get romantically involved with his wife. Sator believes that he must be the only one who fulfill these all prophecies to be sure he this GOD and is willing to kill his wife for this at his point of no return in time.

Sator had pulse monitor which sends an email notifications of the time Sator dies. So, he knew about the time he is going to die thus tried to fulfill his prophecy before his death and choose to die by consuming CIA issued Cyanide pill. But the last moment he realizes his wife is still alive and she shoots him.

ROTAS is Neil.

Just like Sator, Neil too knew about his time and place of death, maybe through similar pulse meter on his wrist with GPS tracking. And he too dies due gun shot. While Sator was fighting against he future Neil was fighting for the future.

Protagonist fulfills two prophecies first by taking CIA Cyanide Pill and make physical relation with Sator’s Wife. Proving he is the prophesied GOD.

Providence – control of God on people’s life which directs them.

Did our protagonist turned Sator into this madman so, he can be the villain at phase of time and he can rally people to fight him? So, now he have 6 pieces of the Algorithm out of 9 pieces and he knows who has other 3 pieces. Is our protagonist is the reason of the in-fighting at the time of dusk, thermodynamic Armageddon?

Is our protagonist he is the one pulling all the strings, creating heroes and villains? Did our protagonist caused the inventor of the Algorithm to loose her mind. She split the Algorithm into 9 pieces and hide them in past. And later she committed suicide. Because there can’t be more than one.

Have we seen her, the scientist who will invent this Algorithm in the movie? My guess is she is the same woman scientist our protagonist meet when he starts his work. At this point of time, she is told How is her department and does not concern herself with What they do. But the knowledge of what she was doing all this time will drive her mad or drove her mad.

Now the question who invented Turnstile which inverts matter into anti-matter and vice versa? My guess its Neil as he the only other smartest person in the movie and has done his Masters in Physics. It was Neil who invented Turnstile. And never met the woman scientist. Both Neil and Woman Scientist believed that the other technology is going to be built by the future generations so to counter the effects they built their own technology.

All the supposedly future technology is both invented and build in present.

“what happened happens”

Our protagonist can neither know nor tell anyone who recruited him as it might affect cause-effect relation.

This cause-effect correlation is also preserved when Ives and Neil asks protagonist if he knows where Sator is going to bury the Algorithm. Both Neil and his team already knew this information but it has to come from someone who at this point of time doesn’t know about the future.

Neil chooses to crash the plane into Free-Port in Oslo instead to just using his company ROTAS which manages this facility so that our protagonist can figure this out by himself.

My guess is protagonist recruited Sir Michael Crosby who later recruits Priya, who helps our protagonist in the journey of self-realization.

Whatever happens was/is protagonist’s Temporal Pincer Operation. Protagonist was either present at or caused all the important events.

And make people either believe that present is attacked by the future or saved by the future without realizing future and present are both same in the TENET’s world. Dog chasing its tail.

Does our protagonist want this?

Because of the invention of turnstile a technology which our protagonist might have inspired Neil to invent causes an imbalance in the world. When our protagonist is no longer able to suppress turnstile technology only choice he will have/had to use algorithm. Destruction of the world will be only way to save it if people misunderstood the mechanics of the universe.

Believe in the Mechanics of the Universe – TENET

Additional Notes – When Neil asks protagonist if he would ever take Children or women hostage, he was wondering about what would happen to Sator’s Wife and son because they don’t have any records of them after the point when Sator shot his wife. This was done to fool Sator into believing he both knows the future and controls the life of people in the present.

Neil through his company ROTAS controls whenever and whoever uses Turnstile. But didn’t knew about how and why turnstile machine used in Oslo during protagonist’s heist attempt in the Free-ports.

The Algortihm is like nuclear deterrent, people in present should be afraid of it. The Algorithm makes people in present follow the guidelines like”Policy to suppress” the turnstile and “Proving Window” etc. which ensures humanity doesn’t destroy itself. “It’s the bomb that didn’t go off.” “That’s the bomb with the real power to change the world.”

Bahubali 2 : The Conclusion and The Bahubali Question

After watching the movie Bahubali 2 : The conclusion everyone was talking about effects, the CGI , the sound mixing everything was top-notch. And the actors put so much hard work in this movie Phew!. Even they were two different movies as first had very simple straight forward script (compared to twists in South Indian Movies) everything was either right or wrong. But this movie (Bahubali 2) made all the characters memorable as they were not simple card-board cut outs. As many had already said that movie portrayed woman in the Bahubali world as independent , strong yet feminine which is praise-worthy.

But still not many discussed what was the real reason for the war in the movie. Its easy to point that it was Evil King Bhallaldev but in my humble opinion its was

The Babhubali Question – How to come out of shadow of your parents?


Tradition of worshipping your parents Versus standing up for yourself.

I will keep this discussion within the world of Bahubali and the actions of the characters in Bahubali.

Bahubali Senior was made Crown Prince by Queen Shivagamini Devi so we are assured about the future of both Mahishmati Empire and Bahubali . In this we forget what Ram Gopal Varma’s “Sarkar Raj” taught us “Power cannot be given it has to be taken”. So, even after declaration power to rule will stay with Queen Shivagamini Devi. Bahubali have to build his own power base, he simply doesn’t get the right to rule by the Queen but by his subjects. In the end of last movie and start of this movie he does build his own goodwill among his thought to be subjects. But by leaving the side of Shivagamini Devi to travel across few empires he makes his first step towards finding his own self. Shivagamini Devi in my view makes the right decision to let his grow on his own for sometime before he is made King of Mahishmati. Shivagamini Devi had let both Bahubali and BhallalDev to find themselves.

And BhallalDev never grows out of the shadow of his father’s ambition. He does wish to King himself but his own reason to be a King are not much discussed. He is just a Sadistic War Lord. BhallaDev was never a mamma’s boy like Bahubali and never had to challenge his mother to show he is his own man. Even when BhallaDev becomes King he does not add some new tax to peasants he plays it safe just to snatch power from Queen Shivagamini Devi. But when BhallalDev fires Bahubali Senior from being commander of the Army his mother Queen Shivagamini Devi does not question him to me it seems Queen Shivagamini Devi is letting her son BhallalDev to make his own choices yet keeping much of the power with herself.

Shivagamini Devi herself ran the Kingdom thus keeping herself and the kingdom unaware who BhallalDev was. Shivagamini Devi refuses to pass power to either Bahubali or BhallalDev ensuring her own downfall by failing to provide her kingdom a worthy successor.

Did Indian traditions made Bahubali Senior a weak character who chooses not to snatch power from his mother and his brother even after they put his pregnant wife in chains in the King’s court? A King’s Court does not represent the relatives he has in the Court but the governing council.

Burning the Demon every 26 years

In the movie woman from the royal family burns a demon every 26 years.

Does this signifies to burn old to build something new?

Bahubali Senior brings cart of “Lord Ganesha” signifying he is the beginning of a new era. And he burns the demon with fire provided be his mother Queen Shivagamini Devi (old generation).

Quoting Issac Newton – “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” (Latin : nanos gigantum humeris insidentes)

Now, it seems respecting the wise men and women of previous generations is not just Indian tradition but a global value.

Yet one can easily see that Bahubali Senior is able build his own power through wisdom of Queen Shivagamini.

Bahubali is in-debited to Queen Shivagamini and thus could not rise much above Kattapa who is a slave to Mahishmati Empire. Even though Kattapa is skilled warrior and a pillar of Mahishmati Kingdom still he cannot make decisions for the welfare of common people thus unfit to rule.

A ruler should be able to make his/her own decision for the welfare to his subjects without any fear or greed.

It was Bahubali Senior who has to face more challenging philosophical questions than Bahubali Junior. By choosing to live among common people instead of snatching  power from Queen-Mother Shivagamini Devi and King BhallalDev he actually frees himself from the debit of his mother Shivagamini Devi and makes his own name in Mahishmati Empire and still is not sure should he lead people against King BhallalDev as he is not yet committed atrocities.

By taking responsibilities of his wife Devsena he actually realizes his own potential and understands his own position. His own path of self discovery was too long.

Comparing Bahubali Senior and Bahubali Junior’s journey

Bahubali senior challenges his mother’s decision yet Bahubali junior fights for his mother. Bahubali junior himself climbs up the waterfall against his adoptive mother yet he fights for his biological mother whom he has met only for few hours.

When Bahubali Junior defies his adoptive mother he finds his destiny his path forward and his goals becomes clear but when Bahubali Senior defies his mother his path forward is not clear.

What does Bahubali Senior lacks and Bahubali Junior has? Its perspective. Bahubali Junior doesn’t feel in-debited to anyone thus can destroy whoever or whatever he feels needs to be destroyed to protect his subjects.

Is “Shiva”/Shiva Lingham in this movie a symbol of ability of destroying the old?

Bahubali Junior is seen praying to Shiva Lingham in many scenes. This was symbol he is destroyer of evil and being a common villager at the start of his life he does earns his place as he saves Devsena from prison and kills Bhadra, son of BhallalDev before being told he is the Saviour of the Empire by Kattapa. He has some kind of blessing of Lord Shiva is able to see the world like he does. Bahubali Junior might be less learned than Bahubali Senior in How to run an empire yet he has ability clearly see whats right and wrong, something which Devsena too had.

A Judge (criminal justice system) needs to find out whats happened and was it right or wrong and should be bogged down by political affects of his judgment.

This disregard of the affect of person’s own decision on how they would affect him or his family life or his political life and ability to focus on what is right and what is wrong helps the man/woman to come out of the shadow of his/her parents.


Bhallaldev’s actual rival was Devsena not Amrendra Bahubali.

Thoughts on movie “Dishoom”

Dishoom movie was released in 2016 its long time to write a review on movie that old and which many would agree is not a great movie

Personally, I like Rohit Dhawan as Director. His movies have a sense of style and this movie Dishoom is about Style over substance. But as a writer he is less than ordinary when he writes it seems he is mostly imagining how it would look and how much emotions the scenes would  be able to invoke but don’t care about if the scene doesn’t make any sense. He is able director to direct comedy and create the sense of chase

The story is of Viraj Sharma a fine cricketer being kidnapped by a bookie so, 2 cops and 1 thief are trying to find him. This idea itself is very simple and is trying to tap the popularity of Virat Kohli. Something similar was tried by Raj Comics few years back when M.S. Dhoni was the new Cricketing sensation.


Super Commando Dhruv in this issue protects cricketer Dhaukni from a bookie.

I am not saying that Dishoom was influenced by Super Commando Dhruv but the idea of using cricket and kidnapping is just too much simple to be enhanced by the stylized Direction of Rohit Dhawan.

Movie also had some direction problems too. Rohit Dhawan fails in creating the sense of tension in his suspense. First reason is its Rohit Dhawan’s movie nothing bad will happen. And secondly  he never takes his audience out of comfort zone. Rohit Dhawan stretches the emotions of love and friendship but never tries to stretch the tension in his scene. The Villain in the movie Wagah is classic Bond Villain but is one dimensional guy who looks good but never have a interesting story.


Here is a link to video which explains Suspense in movie.

Elements of Suspense

Sherlock season 4 episode 1 Indian Thoughts

So Sherlock Season 4 premiered in India on AXN (January, 7 2017).
They have an east Indian looking Character whose name at first I thought was A.J. but subtitles said his name was Ajay. After reading subtitles I felt actors in the show should have tried a bit to pronounce it a little better.
Another Indian connection which I seen in the show was AGRA which was code name and was not related to Agra the city in U.P., India. When Sherlock asks Mycroft about AGRA he starts telling him the information about city Agra thats its on the banks of Yamuna river and Agra’s distance from Lucknow and then Sherlock stops him. What I felt peculiarly strange was Mycroft didn’t mention Taj Mahal before informing about Agra’s distance from Lucknow because I felt we all (people watching the show) were thinking about Taj Mahal.
Charlie’s death
In the episode Sherlock solves a minor mystery of death of Charlie. Charlie was found dead in his parked car which was supposed to be empty after a drunk driver crashes his car on the parked car. And later medical examiners found out that Charlie was dead for a week. While discussing the case Sherlock specially asked about the Vinyl car seats. When the mystery is uncovered Sherlock tells us Charlie (or his dead body) was in the car whole time but was hidden to other by costume of the car seat which he uses to pull a prank on his father.
After watching that part of Sherlock I found it similar to what I have seen on another TV show and the name of the show is CID its an Indian Show in Hindi about a FBI kind to detective agency solving cases.
In 968th episode “Raaz Heroine ki Maut ka” during shooting of a movie Car Stunt scene the actress dies in the car crash but later it is revealed that the dead body found on the collision site was not of the actress and during the shooting she was siiting on a fake car seat under which a dead body was stored and just before the crash actress jumps out of the car.



And I am excited about “Sherrinford Holmes”.



Good and Bad Sholay Reference in Hindi Movies

Sholay movie was mile stone movie in  Modern India’s history which influenced many in India.  So its natural movie been referenced again and again in Indian movies. But many times movie or cultural references are used in movies just to stylize a character or conversation without even understanding or knowing the original source.

Last week I watching a scene from Movie Ungli (song – Dance Basanti) on TV Emraan Hashmi said to Kangana Ranaut that he is wondering why this Basanti is single? and Kangana replied (Shayad iss Basanti ko abhi bhi aapne taange waale ka intezaar hai) Maybe this Basanti is still waiting for her Horse-Cart driver to come in her life. But in Sholay it was Basanti who was Horse-cart owner and driver not Veeru. For me it’s very basic. Someone on the set of movie  should have told the director whats wrong with line. So, for me instead of adding some Sholay reference in the movie to make scene enjoyable they made scene annoying for me at-least.

This bad reference made me recollect the Good Sholay reference in the movie. And movie name is Jhankaar Beats

Jhankaar Beats 2003 Name of Gabbar Singh father

In  the movie Rishi (Rahul Bose) asks Deep (Sanjay Suri) name of Gabbar Singh’s father which at the time I didn’t know even after the movie gives me the answer I had to watch Sholay more attentively then before the check if the answer was right or not. this reference made me enjoy both Jhankaar Beats scene and brush up whatever I thought I knew about Sholay.

More Sholay references –

Sholay – Impact on Popular Culture



Naamkarann – CASE of false Advertisement

Indian TV Soap Operas are repetitive with similar themes where women are usually involved in kitchen politics.
Indian society do have women like them but India do need more progressive TV Soap Operas.
Case of false advertisement –
In the TV commercial for Naamkarann little girl asks grown Women before marriage girl carries her fathers name after marriage she carries her husbands name but what happens to her name?
So, Commercial tells us that story is going to be of independent woman or women who need no man’s support to live a full-filling life.
But when Soap actually starts it is Mahesh Bhatt’s movie Zakhm’s first act movie was released in 1998. In that movie Pooja Bhatt played the role of muslim woman who fallen in love with a Hindu Man(Nagarajun, film director) who can’t marry her because of his mother (religious reasons)  so Pooja Bhatt lives only with her son who always trying to have his father live with them and Master Kunal Khemu (child actor)  played here elder son. Ajay Devgan played older Kunal Khemu and won National Award for this role.
In TV Soap Opera “Naamkarann” Barkha Bisht Sengupta plays the role of muslim woman who had a daughter with Hindu Man (Viraf Patel, film director) out of wedlock which he didn’t knew about till later and his mother doesn’t want him to marry Barkha’s character. So, now their daughter (Arsheen Namdaar, child actor) is trying to get them married and live together.
It seems both Barkha Bisht Sengupta (muslim woman) and Arsheen Namdaar (daughter) are trying to have Viraf Patel in thier life but his mother played by Reema Lagoo don’t want to lose her son to Barkha and Arsheen.
What TV Soap advertised about was independent Woman/women but it is actually about getting man back in her life because of society pressure her daughter to get father’s name. Why can’t Indian TV Soap be more progressive even many Indians are now opening up to the idea of single mother movie ‘Partner” did that?
I was able to find a news item dated 28 July 2016 which says Mahesh Bhatt is going to adapt his movie ‘Zakhm’ into a TV Series which will aired on Star Plus so
So TV soap opera advertisers knew reality of what they are marketing but chose not to advertise what it was instead advertisement had Random Message which will be popular with women.
This is happening again and again.
Just a thought –
In the movie Zakhm Sonali Bendre who is pregnant  is asking Ajay Devgan to leave Mumbai to go back to England to give birth to their Child in place where they have no communal riots. (Intolerance Rising)

Deadpool Jokes which I already seen/heard in Hindi movie released in 2005



There is joke in Deapool Movie which have no relation to the plot of that movie which I have already seen in Hindi Movie “Bluffmaster!” Released in 2005.


Joke in Deadpool movie is told to us by TJ Miller (Weasel) but is also in Bluffmaster movie told to us by Boman Irani( a doctor in that movie).

The joke is paitent goes t9 a doctor and doctor tells him “He only have 5 to live.”

Patient asks “5 Months?”

Doctor “No”

Patient “5 Days?”

Doctor “No”

Patient “then what”

Doctor “4..3..2..1”



Now the joke is same but in those mentioned movies can be told differently.




Baaghi: A Rebel For Love movie

Don’t watch this movie in cinema halls. Neither first half nor second half deserve your movie money. Wait for this movie to be shown on TV.

Before I tell you more about movie I should tell you all that I have neither seen Varsham nor The Raid : Redemption which might have influenced this movie but I have seen Tezaab, Ong-bak, Snake in Eagle’s  shadow , Karate Kid and few other martial arts movies which also have influence on this movie but this movie is not even 1/10th as enjoyable as any if these movies.

any resemblance is purely coincidental – A female celebrity is been abducted by a goon now only one person can save her who happens to be her estranged lover and the girl’s father is the reason of lovers misunderstanding. Now hero is been paid to save the girl. This is plot of old hindi movie Tezaab in which Anupam Kher and Madhuri Dixit plays the role of father and daughter. In Baaghi Sunil Grover- Shraddha Kapoor plays the role of father and daughter . Coincidentally, Age differenece between  Anupam Kher and Madhuri Dixit  is roughly same as age difference of Sunil Grover and Shraddha Kapoor that is 12 years.

Tiger Shroff is good martial artist but his acting performance was not any good, actually all actors in this movie (may be except Sunil Grover) were not able to make their character remotely enjoyable to watch in screen and the reason seems to be the director and pace of movie. If all the songs were removed from this movie then movie would have been more watchable. There are few twists in the movie which you all can see coming from a mile. Movie was unable to invoke the emotions of audience which movie makers might be expecting. There is not enough of masala in the movie lead actors  are show any flamboyance and villain unable to impress.

The name of this movie is Baaghi means rebel but our hero Roney ( Tiger Shroff) do all the things his martial arts teacher asks him too and in middle of his training was very easily convinced by his teacher to train hard. This leaves no scope for character development.It would have been more enjoyable to watch our Villain (Sudheer Babu)  start as a person who does all what his father/teacher asks him to with all purity in his heart and our Hero (Tiger Shroff) start as person who tries to fight any attempt to tame him (in this case train him) but later in the movie both characters have a change of heart. This would have been better.

Action in this movie is well choreographed but is unable to present the raw anger of these charaters which works against this movie again reason seems to be the director. But camera work for action scenes is good in this movie better than most of hindi moves there are less cuts during a fight which makes fight look more real but still director didn’t tried have clear frame to setup the fight scenes clearly. During fight scenes we all can see that Tiger Shroff can actually fight. But to make the fights more real Tiger will have to express through his face more than he did in this movie.